Hosting Confluence 5.0 wiki and WordPress on an Amazon EC2 Micro instance

I’ll admit it, I do like a challenge! The Amazon EC2 micro-image is a really low end server with seriously small amounts of CPU to it’s disposition and very little memory. The challenge; running both a full Atlassian Confluence Wiki and a fully functional WordPress-site with decent performance on this low-end box (or should I say virtual box).

During the following articles, I will outline just how I did manage to configure and run it on the micro instance. I did cheat a little bit, the database is residing on a free-tier micro instance of MySQL in the RDS managed database server part of Amazons cloud. It doesn’t cost me anything, but running the database as well as the frontends on the micro-instance with 613MB memory proved to be impossible performance-wise.

Key goals:

  • Full Atlassian Wiki with a decent set of plugins
  • Wiki protected with an SSL certificate
  • Automated database backups 
  • WordPress hosted on Nginx 
  • Access secured with Google Authenticator

Stay tuned for the updates!

2 thoughts on “Hosting Confluence 5.0 wiki and WordPress on an Amazon EC2 Micro instance

  1. Hi mate,
    So did you succeed? I’m interested in your results. Here are mine:
    – On a micro instance (the “free tier” of Amazon), it’s so slow that Confluence times out before starting,
    – On a small instance (1Gb ram) it works smoothly.

    1. Hi. If Confluence times out on a micro-instance, it is possible to adjust the plugin startup timeout-value. Confluence has a 60 second timeout value by default, but it can be adjusted. Find your file and edit the JAVA_OPTS to include -Datlassian.plugins.enable.wait=300. It should work (well, at least it did for me).

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